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Services - GMT LLC


We are dedicated to the distribution of refrigerated, frozen, and grocery products. We distribute over 100 brands, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and providing service throughout the entire Island.



Our sales department has a responsibility that goes beyond a commercial transaction between our business partners and our company. With the goal of serving each of our consumers and customers with excellence, every day our sales team is focused on understanding the needs of our market to develop businesses, create plans and execute those commercial strategies that benefit our island. Supported by a solid long-term growth strategy and unmatched quality of service, our sales team is responsible for maintaining our distribution and service quality standards at all times in order to achieve constant organic growth and expansion. Looking forward, our commercial team guided by our management will continue innovating, improving, and transforming the way we do business to continue with the distinction that has characterized us in service to our customers and the availability of our products in each home of our consumers.




Our marketing team is responsible for increasing brand awareness while also driving potential and recurring clients and consumers to our products. Our marketing team is responsible for outlining a market strategy, developing and executing campaigns, organizing market research, assisting with product development, strategizing and executing promotions, managing and planning events and supporting the sales and purchasing departments.



GMT has strong partnerships with leading food manufacturers throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Puerto Rico, Europe and Asia. Our purchasing team is focused on growing our current and new brands portfolio while also developing our own brands. Our diverse supply chain network allows us to use the best and most efficient logistic for each of our products. We are in continuous pursue of new brands and products focused on current and future market trends while offering more variety, better quality and greater value to our customers.


Category Management

Our Category Management department develops and identifies the appropriate positioning strategies for the products and categories it handles. The department focuses on investigating and identifying consumer and marketing trends to effectively implement the placing of products at the point of sale.


Warehouse and Logistics

Our logistics team is responsible for coordinating production, warehousing, distribution, and financial forecasting services or activities to maximize costs and improve accuracy, customer service, and safety. The team is also responsible for examining existing procedures or opportunities for streamlining activities to meet product distribution needs. They direct the movement, storage, or processing of inventory.


Quality Control

Our quality department assures the quality and safety of our products and assures that GMT is in compliance with the federal and local Food Regulatory Agencies. The team is constantly improving and acquiring new knowledge pertaining to food safety and related areas.



Our technology department focuses on developing and maintaining the technological infrastructure of the company. The team is responsible for the acquisition, development and implementation of all the technological initiatives of the company.